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About GPShots

The idea for this web site came about due to a relocation I made a few years ago.
Being a keen photographer, I spent the first year and a half living in my new location driving around looking for good locations to photograph.

Some of these locations were pretty obscure, and really took some finding!
Often, I would see a potential location as I was driving through an area, but didn't have time to stop and take the shot - or didn't have the camera with me!
At times like this, I would often mark the location using my GPS, with the intention of returning at a later date to take the shot.

I had also, in the past, dabbled in the hobby of GeoCaching.
I often intended to travel further afield to hunt out good locations, but it was always a risky proposition because - with no idea where to shoot - you could easily spend an entire day travelling and not click the shutter once!

Then, it hit me! Why not combine the pleasurable pastimes of photography and geocaching?
If photographers could share good locations for photographs that they have found, the whole process would be streamlined and, ultimately, photographers would spend more time doing what they love - making photographs!

I hope you enjoy using this site as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Alan Hearnshaw - January 2012

About the Community

This is a virtual community in the best sense of the word. It is a place where photographers can give - by sharing their favourite locations, receive - by taking advantage of other's suggestions, show gratitude and appreciation of each other's work, and engage in discussion about that which we all love... our photography.

It is largely moderated by you, the user.
Just as you can show appreciation for other's work by "Liking" a photograph or commenting on it - which results on such awards as "Photo of the Week", and "Top Contributor", you can also alert us to the inevitable questionable content that will arise.
We have a zero tolerance policy towards spamming and unsuitable content.
If you see such content, please use the "Report" facility. The photograph will be immediately removed and the moderators will be alerted.

What is not suitable for this site:

  • Spamming! Spammers will immediately have their membership revoked and their IP address blocked. They will also be reported to their ISP.
  • Porn! This is a family-oriented community. Please keep your content clean.
    "Glamour" shots where nudity is not involved may be permisible (it is up to the community to decide) - although it is not really in the spirit of this site because it's all about location - not models.
    Shots that cross the line into illegality will be reported to the authorities in the country from which they originate.
  • Self Promotion. By all means upload your content to receive the "kudos" of other users. That, we encourage.
    Attempting to add links to your own site - whether it be commercial in nature or not, will not be allowed.

Please visit the F.A.Q. page for more specific questions and answers.