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No. Although you will get the most out of this site using a GPS/SatNav, users are encouraged to add location hints and information to their uploads so that users without GPS can find the location.
Yes, there is! We have recently added the ability to set the coordinates of a photograph simply by clicking on a map!
When uploading, or editing a previously uploaded photograph, click the "Use Map" button. You will be shown a map. Enter an approximate location to zoom into where you took the shot. Then drag the map until you find where you were. Click on the map. Click "Set Photo Location", and you're done!
Yes, you can. Although the site is intended mainly to be used with coordinates, you can search for, view and upload photographs without coordinates.
You can search by town, city, postcode/zipcode and tags. The more information users enter when uploading a photograph, the better the search facility will be.
Right here!"
Supplying your address is completely optional. We only ask it to aid in setting your home coordinates so that you can efficiently use the search facilities to locate photo locations near to you.
Should you enter your address, nobody has access to that information. We never display your address, home coordinates, e-mail address or any other personally identifiable information.
We take your privacy very seriously.